Thursday, 27 August 2015

nie ogladac! material dla doroslych

O i takie dzis bezecenstwa beda: art deco w najczystszej postaci! az A. Mucha nie siada!

Rare Works of Lesbian BDSM Erotica from the 1900s

Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep
Franz von Bayros was a Croatian artist who studied art at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. A child of the Victorian era, Bayros drew some of the most provoking sketches of his time and some of the most famous sex illustrations of ours.
Puffy skirts, BDSM and extravagant hairstyles are only a few of the details of these works. Depicting some of the naughty ladies of the Victorian elite, Bayros’ illustrations are the epitome of playful erotic imagery. Working between Paris, Italy, and Vienna, Bayros became famous and infamous for his shockingly sexual scenes, something that made him use the pseudonym Choisy Le Conin for some of his works. Having created over 2,000 images combining a gothic aesthetic with a flirtatious rococo feeling, Bayros is probably the first artist to depict fetishes in the variety he included in his works.slide_437854_5745830_freeslide_437854_5745832_freeslide_437854_5745834_freeslide_437854_5745836_freeslide_437854_5745838_freeslide_437854_5745840_freeslide_437854_5745842_freeslide_437854_5745844_freeslide_437854_5745846_freeslide_437854_5745810_freeslide_437854_5745812_freeslide_437854_5745814_freeslide_437854_5745816_freeslide_437854_5745818_freeslide_437854_5745820_freeslide_437854_5745822_freeslide_437854_5745824_freeslide_437854_5745826_free

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