Friday, 15 July 2016

wolnosc, rownosc, braterstwo

Smutek, ktory kroi serce ciocine. Niewyobrazalna  tragedia, ktora wydarzyla sie w nocy! Francji zadano  kolejny cios. W ludzkosc. Wiem, ze takie ataki w centralnej Europie czy Hameryce sa naglasniane a  zabojstwa, zamachy w Afryce, Azji czy na Bliskim Wschodzie juz nie. Nie ma sprawiedliwosci i dla tego. Ogrom niewyobrazalnego cierpienia dotyczy calego swiata. Czy to dzieje sie tu czy tam jest tak samo bolesne wszedzie i dla kazdego mieszkanca calej planety. Zabicie dziecka w Syrii, Angoli czy Grojcu jest tak samo straszne.
 Jest mi niezmiernie smutno,  za to co sie stalo. Terroryzmowi mowimy NIE!!!
Chcemy by terrorysci  wyniesli  sie na inna planete. Podobno znowu odkryto nowa gwiazde. Jesli tam nie znajda skurwysyny miejsca to pozostaje jeszcze czarna dziura.
Siedem sekund. Tyle z grubsza trwal z grubsza dwukilometrowy smiertelny rajd morderczej ciezarowki.

Na marginesie dodam, ze nadprezes, nadfaraon, krol sloneczko grozi UE

Poland warns Brussels it will DESTROY the EU if it tries to punish Britain for leaving

POLAND has warned "hysterical" Brussels bigwigs they will sign the death warrant for their own project if they continue to roll out anti-British rhetoric.The country's former Prime Minister said that, far from deterring other countries from leaving, any attempts to punish the UK will only accelerate the break up of the beleaguered bloc. 

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the influential chairman of the ruling Law and Justice Party, also aimed a torpedo at close neighbours Germany, saying the rest of Europe "cannot allow" Angela Merkel to sink the EU by refusing to negotiate. His comments yet again expose the growing division on the continent over how to deal with the fallout of last week's historic Brexit vote. 
Poland is a deeply eurosceptic country and has been dismayed by Britain's vote to leave the bloc as it feels it has lost its biggest ally in the fight against Brussels federalism. Mr Kaczynski has even said the UK should hold a second referendum on the issue of membership, and today reiterated his hopes that other leaders will give Britain "a chance of returning". 
Addressing members of his right-wing ruling party in Warsaw, the heavyweight Polish politician issued a ferocious warning to other member states over the dangers of playing hardball with London. 
He also launched a very thinly veiled attack on Mrs Merkel, who sparked consternation across the continent with her decision to consult only the bloc's founding countries when discussing the fallout of the British referendum. 
After the meeting the leaders of Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg emerged with a tough new line on the UK over the issues of free movement and access to the single market. But today Mr Kaczynski blasted: "The initial proposals from these big countries encourage the break-up of the Union.
"We cannot stand idly by and let the most powerful ones carry on like this. We cannot allow the Union to fall apart.
"Britain is being treated arrogantly today, which is a hysterical reaction."
Addressing delegates, the 67-year-old was also keen to leave the door open for a possible return to the European fold for Britain. 
Far from punishing Britain for voting to leave, instead he urged Brussels to "reach out" to the next Government and try to smooth over future relations. 

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