Thursday, 6 October 2016

napoj energetyczny brexit

Czasem byl taki pomysl rozrabiania landrynek z woda. Gdy zabraklo popitki. Zlo tak kiedys zrobilo. Bylo kolorowo!  Lepiaco i wcale dobrze. Co zrobic, gdy pic sie chce! 
Gorzej gdy byly to mietowe landrynki!
Potem przyszedl pomysl na tuszowanie spirytusu tonikiem. Potem 3 owocami!
Gdy nadeszly lata prosperity serwowano szarlotki. 
Na obczyznie jest Albanski Raj.. teraz bedzie Brexit!
Kiedys zuo byl zmuszony pic vodke z iron- brew, nie upilo...zabraklo tego drugiego napoju z tym, ze brakuje ci skrzydel.
Slowo na B znaczy dla patologi duzo. Rozlam, podzial, separacje. Biznesmeni wykorzystali fakt na B i nie beda politycznej linii produktu. Mozna, mozna.
Gdy zabraknie tego napoju od skrzydel, to z pewnoscia siegne do B, z duza ilosci polskiej vodki!
Na zdarowie!

Two cheeky Polish businessmen have launched an energy drink called Brexit 'just for a laugh', and they are selling like hotcakes.

Pawel Tumilowicz and Mariusz Majchrzak have caused something of a stir in Prestwich where their business is based since they began selling the beverage.
Pawel, 39, insists the pair named their product Brexit Energy Drink ‘for a laugh’ and not for any political reason.
The dad-of-three, who lives in Higher Broughton, said: “It was just a bit of fun really.
“People keep asking us whether we were trying to make a political statement or anything like that.
“We weren’t at all. We just thought it was quite a cheeky name so we went with it.

Pawel said the pair launched the drink 'for a laugh'

“It seems to be working too. Our business is doing well.
“It’s a new business and it’s a different type of product. It’s a great energy drink and I think people really like it...and not just for the name.
“It’s quite tasty, you know.”
Pawel moved to Manchester from Poland 12 years ago to work as a security guard and has lived here ever since, the Manchester Evening News reports.
He says he has not experienced any hostility towards him or his family in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.
In fact, he’s optimistic about Britain’s future.
“I think it will be fine,” he said.
You hear about people having bad things said to them because they are Eastern European but I have never had anything like that said to me.
“We come here, we work and we pay our taxes. I don’t think people have a problem with us.
Eddie GarveyDad-of-three Pawel coined the name 'for a laugh' but claims to have no real concerns about Brexit .Dad-of-three Pawel coined the name 'for a laugh' but claims to have no real concerns about Brexit.
“I honestly don’t think Brexit is going to change that much for us. I’m not worried at all.
“All of my family are here and my children were born here. Manchester is home to me. I love it here.”
Pawel and Mariusz’s Brexit drink seems to have tickled a few residents in Prestwich, who have spotted the business in Infant Lane.
One resident joked on Twitter: “Apparently every drink bought they donate £350 million to the NHS.”
Another added: “It fuelled their whole campaign. Two Polish lads from Prestwich caused Brexit . Drink it in.”

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